This website that I created for my course Web Development is a portfolio of my work as photographer, use of adobe and my skills included as some sort of curriculum vitae.  

I also incorporated some school assignments like the Brand Book and info graphic we had to do for Visual Communication within the projects section. 

Step 1

I started by picking a template for my website. After this was done I decided to create a style board to determine the mood and feel of my final page. 

For this I decided to go with muted colours, greys, a soft pink and a bright orange for contrast as well as black and white images and three different fonts. I also created a logo.

After this I started working on my design plan and my flowchart. 

Step 2

Now it was time to get started on the actual website, I started by use Google to try and find ways to work with WordPress if you’re new to this. Elementor is a plugin that I discovered and this really eased the process for me. 

After this I decided which pages I wanted according to the flow chart and design plan and created these in the menu.  

Step 3

This last thing I did was fill the pages with content, on the side I’ve placed some of the content that is on the pages. I tried to create a good balance between images and text and also played around with some things that are interactive when you hoover over them. 

Overall this took me the most time as I wanted everything to be the same font, size, colour, just to ensure it is all cohesive. 

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